The style revolution. Optimised for the newest tech on Mac computer, house windows and iPad, Affinity Designer is setting the new business expectations in the wide world of design.

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The style revolution. Optimised for the newest tech on Mac computer, house windows and iPad, Affinity Designer is setting the new business expectations in the wide world of design.

Finest in lessons for generating concept art, printing work, logos, icons, UI styles, mock-ups plus, it’s currently the most notable range of countless specialist illustrators, web site designers, games designers also creatives whom love their silky-smooth blend of vector and raster style equipment.

Big companies

No bloat, no gimmicks, simply all the knowledge you may need, implemented the manner in which you always dreamed. Attraction fashion designer is actually a stripped straight back, pro-end workhorse which will constantly ensure you get your work done.

Fast and marvelous

Attraction developer was created to thrive in the electric rate of recent processing devices. Live, responsive and incredibly fluid, it’s just a joy to utilize.

  • + Pan and zoom at 60fps
  • + Live gradients, results and modifications
  • + real-time blend function previews
  • + All transforms and curve edits previewed reside

Because intricate as you wish

The motor behind Affinity fashion designer should handle huge records so you can become positive about including all those tiny information with no compromise to overall performance.

  • + Optimised for documents of any difficulty
  • + Handle 1000s of objects without any lag
  • + prepare with covering communities and colour tagging
  • + alive summary see for precise picks

Vector or raster, you choose

Change between full highlighted vector and raster workspaces with just one click. Add raster comb surface to your illustrations, modify single pixels on icons, mask and add grain towards crisp vectors, enclose and video pixel layers and much more — it’s real imaginative versatility at your fingertips.

Designed for your own workflow

Several thousand designers throughout the world informed us the way they want their unique graphics software to react. We place that insights at the center of Affinity developer.

Saveable history with alternate futures

Customisable keyboard shortcuts


Constant piece export

CMYK, 16 & 32bit RGB, Pantone, ICC profiles

Advanced grids, snapping and alignment

Connected icons and limitations

Timesaving performance

The UI was developed to provide you with the greatest user experience feasible to spend more time promoting. Timesaving equipment particularly choose Same and choose Object make it easier to efficiently fit attributes or pick all stuff of a specific means for simple editing, while business presets for UI format permit you to save your favorite workplace setups for different activities and easily switch between the two.

Any device, everywhere

Whether on Windows, Mac or apple ipad, the data format is precisely the exact same. This provides total freedom to effortlessly work across your own (or your team’s) different devices with the exact same document.

Color controls

Work in RGB or research colour spots – even-up to 32-bits per route. Plus if you are creating for print, pantone support, end-to-end CMYK and ICC color administration are made in as standard.

Reliable vector methods

Attraction developer is filled with equipment thoroughly developed for attaining highest returns, while keeping 100 percent accurate geometry.

  • + Comprehensive vector toolset
  • + The best pencil & node appliance offered
  • + pen and hair brush stabilisation
  • + Non-destructive Boolean procedures
  • + effective shape instrument

Powerful shape appliance

Efficiently include a shape to any item or increase the distance of solitary open curves. It’s a simple way to generate abstract shapes or an offset path — perfect for different architectural uses or creating a logo or printing file for a sticker.

Advanced grids and instructions

Your options you may have for starting grids and instructions is practically endless. Whether it’s a regular grid routine, or complete isometric with several airplanes, you have complete control over spacing, sub-divisions, gutters, angles and a lot more.

  • + Column and web page courses
  • + Isometric grids and planes
  • + Auto-alignment equipment
  • + Pixel taking and positioning

A million+ percentage zoom

This is what we suggest by electricity. Right away we produced the motor working to floating point precision. So what does this mean? 1,000,000percent zoom!

Infinite artboards

Layout your displays, content, menus along with other items in an individual task across numerous artboards. Export artboards, or any person aspects in your models, with one click.

  • + generate artboards of every dimensions
  • + pick from predetermined device dimensions
  • + Output complete artboards or items in almost any format
  • + Export at 1x, 2x and 3x resolution in one procedure

Connected symbols

Symbols permit you to include unlimited instances of similar base object across assembling your shed. Edit one, and the rest improve instantaneously. it is very easy to establish multiple variations of icons which includes characteristics detached, as well as has icons within symbols to allow some really innovative approaches to speed up your own workflow.

Live pixel preview

Pixel perfect design include guaranteed by seeing your work in pixel preview function. This allows you to look at vectors in both regular and retina resolution, giving you an absolutely live view of exactly how every section of your build will export.

Advanced typography

Whether employing artistic text for statements, or frames of text for body copy, you could add advanced design and ligatures with complete control of respected, kerning, monitoring and a lot more. Anytime convert your text to figure to grab full control and produce your own exquisite, custom typography to provide big effect.

  • + Comprehensive OpenType help
  • + creative text and text structures
  • + Character and paragraph styles
  • + Flow text along any path

Specialist output for printing, display or cooperation

Advanced file service are at the key with the back-end technologies behind Affinity fashion designer. Every major picture and vector document sort tend to be supported, such as PDF/X4, EPS, SVG and PSD service.